What kind of service projects is Work On Wilmington looking for?

Work On Wilmington seeks projects that will meet specific needs and provide tangible benefits. Projects will only be accepted from area non-profits, local governmental organizations and schools in New Hanover County. Projects must be able to be completed in four hours and show visible impact. They also must be unlikely to happen without the help of Work On Wilmington volunteers.

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

Interior/exterior painting
Community clean-ups
Small construction projects

Projects accomplished in prior years included:

Interior/exterior painting, landscaping, maintenance and refurbishing work at New Hanover County schools;
Painting a fence around a public housing complex;
Working on a mural on a downtown parking deck;
Cleaning up and landscaping area parks;
Interior/exterior painting, replacing ceiling tiles, installing rubberized floor.

Projects that require potentially dangerous work, such as roofing, use of scaffolding or extension ladders, heavy use of sophisticated power tools and excavation, are not typically suitable. Some of our volunteers will have specialized skills, but most will not.

Will it cost a community agency anything to participate? 

No. Work On Wilmington will seek donations of materials needed to complete the projects. Any donations of materials, equipment or volunteers will be greatly appreciated but not required.

How does my organization submit a project for consideration?

Project submissions for 2019 have been closed.  Please consider submitting your project next year for Work on Wilmington 2020!

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